Moderne Deutsche Speisen


Restaurant, biergarten and event spaces.

In 2015, the first Ludwigs location was opened in the historic Germania Hall in downtown San Jose.  Providing a fresh German dining experience with a great selection of German bier and wholesome authentic German cuisine.  The interior of the original bar has been transformed into a

modern day setting with small reminders of traditional Germany.  In the garden, all seating is communal to encourage conversation and to build a memorable experience. The Germania Hall hosts various events all year round and is perfect for any of your event needs! 

In 2019, the second Ludwigs location is in Mountain View will be opened. Stay tuned!

Our philosophy is pure and simple -  

Great food, great drinks, great people.



Ben was born in South East England in the county of Kent, about 20 miles south of London. Growing up in a household that housed foster children, Ben had many brothers and sisters (one biological) and family has always been a very important part of his life. In order to expand on his career beyond IT, Ben took a huge chance and moved to Silicon Valley years ago, where he now lives with his wife Syerra. 
After being a transplant for some time, Ben saw the need for really authentic, genuine European cuisine, and he wanted to follow his passion to venture into the restaurant and bar business. In order to familiarize himself with the food industry, Ben volunteered at local schools and kitchens to learn how to cook and serve food.

An opportunity presented itself when Ben met his now business partner Nicole in 2015. Ben worked in one of her kitchens and a space became available for a German beer garden. The two collaborated to open Ludwig’s German Table in San Jose and has been operating successfully ever since.


Nicole has always had a passion for great food, coming from a large family meals were a very important part of their lives.  At a very young age, she was taught how to prepare German cuisine. Nicole grew up in Bremervoerde a beautiful town in northern Germany, not too far from Hamburg.  

Nicole started her professional career in online Marketing and eventually moved to the Bay Area to grow in that field. But she always felt that her passion was in cooking and in wanted to come back to her passion.  In 2013, she started her own catering company and eventually got an opportunity to develop a new concept for the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. (https://www.cdm.org/FoodShed/index.html). 

Nicole has over a decade of experience in cooking with specialization in German dishes.  As a mother of two and owning multiple businesses, she has a very busy schedule but enjoys swimming, cooking, reading cookbooks, yoga and long walks when possible.



The son of Vietnamese immigrants who fled at the end of the Vietnam war, Tin was born and raised in the Bay Area and attended Cupertino High School and would eventually attend San Jose State University for Computer Science/Electrical Engineering.  He was involved in many startup companies such as WebEx and Marketo, eventually becoming Senior Director of Operations for different companies in the Bay Area.

While still working full-time in the Tech sector, he opened his first bar, Temple Bar & Lounge in downtown San Jose nearly 15 years ago.  His first venture into food was in the form of a food truck in 2013 and then later acquiring a popular restaurant in downtown, SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant.

Tin has always been active in the San Jose community, participating in several charity events and raising funds for San Jose Police Department and several local charities.  In 2018/2019, he helped raise over $20,000 in supplies and donations for the fire victims in the Nor Cal Fires. He enjoys starting projects that benefit the community and bring people together.  Tin is very family oriented and tries to spend as much of his spare time with them, he also enjoys traveling and photography.


Eric attended Lynbrook High School and attended DeAnza College in Cupertino. Married his high school sweet heart, Lisa, and together they have two beautiful children Abbey and Joseph.  

Tin & Eric have been friends right out of high school and have partnered on different projects throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco and now SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant in downtown San Jose.

In 2014, Eric and his partners opened up 55 South, a craft cocktail lounge in downtown San Jose and has quickly become one of the top craft cocktail locations in the Bay Area.  Where the bartenders are passionate about their cocktails and the culture is friendly and inviting.

When Eric has spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children and attending hockey and soccer games. Go Sharks & Earthquakes!

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